School’s Out For Summer – A Teacher’s Guide

Summer vacation is finally here for myself and all my fellow teachers! We get a few weeks off, nine to be exact, which is about the length of a marking period. Many of us will catch up with our families and make up for lost time, the time taken when work became the priority. We will try to relax, travel, begin planning for next year, and release the Sunday anxiety for a while… well at least until August creeps in. 

My goal this summer is to relax and enjoy my babies who are growing up so quickly.

This year has been crazy with sicknesses and not feeling like we had a good routine. I’m so thankful for our health and being able to spend time with them without having any added pressures. I want to enjoy our time together and cherish the future memories. 

Another goal of mine is to take care of myself.

As you may have noticed from my pictures, I have gained a significant amount of weight. I’m not really sure what’s going on. So in addition to working out more and watching what I eat, I plan to go to the doctor to see if there is anything else going on with my health. I have stated before that I’m medicated for anxiety, and maybe this has contributed to the weight gain. 

I also am determined to read a few books, and finally downloaded the Audiobooks app to help me meet this goal. With little time alone, it’s hard to find time to read or stay awake at night to get in more than a few pages. Any book recommendations? Send them my way!

The last goal for my summer vacation is to spend quality time with my husband.

This poor guy has been holding down the fort for the last weeks of school, and he deserves a break. (That’s what summer is – mommy does everything!). Our family life during the school year was busy, sickly and scattered. My husband and I tried to find humor in situations, but it got really tough at the end. Our relationship was not a priority. Over the next school year, we will definitely be hiring a babysitter and getting out more- kid free and maybe even take a vacation together. I see some ciders and margaritas in our future! 

Summer vacation is a time for reflection too. I absolutely loved my students and will miss the ones moving to middle school. They were so sweet and thoughtful, the kind of kids we all wish ours to be. The kind ones. The world is better because of these boys and girls.

To all the teachers out there, have a wonderful, relaxing summer! We deserve it!!! 

6 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer – A Teacher’s Guide

  1. Thanks for this! This is actually important because as a teacher myself it’s a bit challenging to just turn off and enjoy summer! We spend most of the year in our classroom that by the time we’re on break all we can think about is work. These tips are really important to enjoy and spend quality time with yourself and your love ones.

    1. That’s great input! Thank you so much for reading! Try to enjoy your summer!

  2. As a fellow teacher with a hubby and children, I sure appreciate this post! I hope you have a fantastic summer! You are correct in saying that we deserve it! 😀

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