Remember When We Didn’t Know What Tabata Was?

A little over a week ago, I went back to visit Nex Level Fitness – Doylestown to take Amy’s Saturday morning tabata class (See full review here).  I seriously forgot what I was missing! WOW! From the second I walked in, until the second I walked out, Amy’s energy was amazing. Talk about a great motivator! All throughout class, she encouraged people by name, and kept the class moving at such a fast pace. 

The great thing about this class is that it is only 45 minutes, BUT you burn the same amount of calories as an hour class! WHAT! Who wouldn’t want that?! Look at my Apple Watch screenshot below, you can see how hard I worked by my heart rate alone. 

If you want a fast-moving, challenging, fun, and energetic class, GO to Amy’s Saturday morning Tabata class. You will be in and out before 9:00 am, which is an awesome way to start your day.  I rolled back in my house at 9:15 am, and my husband and daughter were still in their PJs. I mean, seriously… get up and do something with your lives. HA. 

Thank you so much, Amy, for another great class! I can’t wait to come back and do it again. Oh, and I was still sore 3 days post class! 

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