Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Person When It Comes To Exercising?

In a previous post, I told you all that I had a goal to try and work out in the morning. Thankfully, I’ve been able to do so and here are my thoughts.

Working out in the morning, specifically at 5:30 am, is hard if you’re not a morning person like me! Since becoming a parent, I’ve become a morning person… not by choice. For example, last Monday I naturally woke up at 5:00 am. I decided to start the day with Danielle Bridge Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC by taking her bootcamp class. Nothing like Danielle wanting a “Yeah!” at the crack of dawn, but she’s one motivating lady! Here’s what happens after I take her morning classes:

More energy.

After working out, I felt like I had more natural energy during the entire day. 

No more headache.

One morning I had a headache, and by the time I was finished working out it was gone. Naturally. 

I felt happy!

I really felt accomplished and motivated to take on the day. My mood was pleasant all day long too. 

Better sleep.

I was ready for bed that night. Each time I worked out in the morning, I slept better at night. 

Done for the day.

I was happy that I didn’t have to leave to work out that night. I could extend my daily exercise by walking the dog or playing with my kiddos. 

No mommy guilt.

I didn’t miss any time with the kids. 

In general, I can easily see why people work out in the morning. It not only made me feel better physically, but mentally. I was happy, focused and healthy to take on the day. When possible, I want to continue working out in the morning, especially during the school year. I won’t be skipping my Tuesday night barre class though! What time do you like to work out? How does it make you feel? Be sure to comment and let us know!

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14 thoughts on “Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Person When It Comes To Exercising?

  1. I am definitely a morning person! It is so nice to be done for the day, and it definitely improves my energy. Thank you for your insights.

  2. Kudos to you for being motivated to get up that early! I generally drop my daughter off at school and head straight to the gym. It’s about the only time that works for me so I guess you could say I’m a morning workout person, just much later in the morning!

  3. I am so not a morning person, but my kids are. They get up at 6am every day, even weekends and in the summer. To get up earlier than 6am would be so hard for me! I may have to try it though…

  4. I’m a morning person too! I’m usually up at 3:30 teaching online, then I start getting work done for the day. I could never work out in the evening!

  5. I’m definitely a morning person (when it comes to watching my shows alone or having coffee…sleeping! You know what I mean). But for working out….I typically prefer nights. That way if little people wake up, I don’t have to stop to tend to them or fix breakfast. I may try it though. Who knows, I might like it better!

    Angel | Mommy-ing Differently

    1. Thats a really good perspective!! We love how it’s different for everyone!

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