Tabata On The Dock Of The Bay… We Mean, Lake!

Have you ever heard the saying, “You gotta tabata!”?  Every time we hear “tabata” that phrase comes to mind, and that is exactly what we did with our gear from Tabata Bootcamp.  When we received our package from them, we were so amazed and grateful for all of the cool stuff they sent us. T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, bags, hats, balls, resistance bands, sliders, ropeless jump ropes… you name it! WOW! 

We decided that since we got all of these amazing items, it only made sense that we try them out. We picked a great location and got to it! Who doesn’t love working out with a gorgeous lake in the background?

First up are the bender balls and red tank, which Meghan is wearing. The tank is amazing for a hot day, as it was so light and breezy. The balls were the perfect addition to our tree poses, to add some resistance for our arms.  

The bender balls can also be used for core workouts – it adds a little bit of instability in your core, which in turn helps tone and strengthen. 

Next up, we have the black tank (with a built-in bra) and resistance band.  This tank would be great for running or other high impact exercises because it really held chest tight. The resistance band is a great alternative for free weights.  We like them better because we can control how much resistance we want. 

Melissa is sporting the one-shouldered backpack, which fits more than you think it would!  We think it would be a great gym bag, beach bag, or even a bag to bring on a run or hike. 

Now it’s time to bust out those sliders, and to show you all how strong our cores have gotten lately.  We’ll be honest, we have a love/hate relationship with these bad boys, BUT they are effective.

We had a little more fun in these pictures.  Meghan is still doing exercises with the bender ball and wearing a grey tank (same exact one as the red), while Melissa tries out the ropeless jump rope. If you have never tried one of these, you’re missing out.  We never knew how coordinated you had to be to jump rope, until we had to do it in a class. We kept getting tripped up, so this was perfect! 

OK, last but not least… the hats! We thought it would be super fun to jump in a boat and take some pictures wearing them. What do you think? We look pretty cool, don’t we?  

If you love anything you see on our site, check out Tabata Bootcamp to place your order!  Everything is very fairly priced, and great quality. 

Thanks so much for working with us!

A huge shout out to Kristen Obetz for taking the most amazing pictures and putting up with us 🙂

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