Going With My Mommy Instincts

I *knock on wood* have never had a broken bone. My son is 22 months and he just got his first cast. The mommy guilt is in full force, especially when we’re in public. The looks and comments are inevitable. It makes an unforgettable story for later in life. What I do care about is going with my mommy instincts.

Let’s start from the beginning. 

As all toddlers do, my son falls a lot, all day long. About three weeks ago, my son fell in the backyard as he tripped over a yoga mat.  I was trying to clean them since these mats have been stepped on by goat hooves and kitten paws, not just my hands and feet.  

Back to the story… His grandfather brought him in and we iced his “boo boo”. He was holding his wrist but eventually recovered and was OK. Two days later when I was picking him up from his grandparents, he was running down the sidewalk and tripped and fell again. This time he had scrapes on his face, nose, hands and knees.  He wasn’t complaining about his wrist, but it was on the back of my mind since I missed the fall again. Later my husband and I noticed that my son was grabbing his wrist here and there. 

This fall had me the most concerned.

The last major fall was a few days later, which occurred when he was trying to kick a soccer ball. My son was not using his left arm at all. I called the doctor and spoke to a nurse. She told me to give him some Morton to relieve the pain. She was thinking it could have been nursemaid’s elbow. Often children will hold their wrist when that happens.

I brought my son to the doctor about an hour later. The nurse practitioner checked him out and to my surprise he seemed totally fine. He grabbed objects, and didn’t show signs of pain at all. She wrote me a script for an X-ray just in case. I was still hesitant. I know how he was before the appointment. It wasn’t like the other times.

At the end of the appointment, like the worry wart that I am, I asked her if it was her kid would she take him. She said no because they had a lot of sick kids going to the emergency room that morning. Really sick kids, and why expose him to all of that sickness if he wasn’t showing signs of pain? This made me seem like an overprotective crazy mommy, lol. My mommy instincts told me I should still take him, but maybe I was being too paranoid. You all know I have some anxiety! Ugh. 

4th of July Festivities

Well, a few days pass and we went on a little vacation over the Fourth of July to visit friends. Being in a new house, there were many opportunities for little ones to fall, trip or miss a step. Yes, my son did the latter and was instantly crying the “I’m in pain” cry and “no one can make me feel better but mommy” cry.  Dang. I was just doing my thing downing some yummy ciders. Mommy is always on call!

We used ice and chilled out for a while. While observing him, my son was definitely not using his left arm, and holding it when necessary. My husband and I felt our parenting instincts kick in. We were kind of in the middle of nowhere. Should we leave? Should we take him to get X-rays right now? Are we horrible parents? As the day grew long my son stop holding his wrist as much and was playing normally. Were we overreacting? We continued to observe him and made a game time decision.  We left the next morning and again my son was totally normal. He wasn’t holding his wrist at all. 

The next day we took my son to get an X-ray. We needed peace of mind.

The next morning, as I’m finishing up my barre workout, one of the women at the front desk informs me that my husband called the studio and wants me to call right away. A wave of panic set in and then I knew right away. I felt like such an asshole. I’m working out and my kid has a broken arm. Really?! 

Well sure enough I feel like a totally idiot. As I’m leaving, I’m explaining that I have to take him to CHOP because he has a fracture in his wrist. ASSHOLE PARENT stamped right across my head. I should have went with my mommy instincts. And then racing thoughts- is he ok? Is he in pain? How did I not notice this? I should have taken him to get X-rays a week ago! We’re leaving for another trip in two hours! What is wrong with you!!! 

After quite a few errors and miscommunication, our baby boy was all taken care of by wonderful doctors. My son had a buckle fracture. As explained to us, children’s bones are made up more water than anything. If an adult’s arm would break, it would shatter. Children’s bones buckle. Imagine a can of soda. Now imagine it crushed. It can still hold soda but not very well. It’s like a very big boo boo.

Buckle fractures are taken care of easily with a cast.

The arm is casted beyond the elbow so the child doesn’t pull it off. It really is more painful for the parents than the child; they adapt so quickly without even being bothered. With that being said, my sensitive, loving. baby boy adapted less than 24 hours. He was jumping on the bed, throwing a football, eating, and sleeping just like he normally does. Thankfully he hasn’t hit his sister too many times with it. That thing hurts! 

To all the mama’s out there who have been through this ordeal, I feel your pain! No swimming or easily bathing a boy for three weeks in the summer, is more painful than I initially thought! I was just getting my little one to start loving the pool. We’ll work on that again in August. 

Go with your mommy instincts.

Lastly, to any mom or dad out there that thinks something is wrong, go with your gut. A mother’s instinct is truly a force to be reckoned with, and the real deal. We just need to remember to follow it when it kicks in! 

2 thoughts on “Going With My Mommy Instincts

  1. I always trust my mommy gut. I’ve been having an inkling that my oldest was having sensory issues and anxiety but everyone kept saying “boys will be boys.” They don’t see or deal with him on a daily basis and my dear husband doesn’t either. He’s away to work and TAD a lot. I was right, he has anxiety and they are doing an evaluation for sensory and autism.

    1. Yes! Mommy instincts are a true thing! I am so happy you followed your gut with your oldest. Mommy usually knows best 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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