Are There Real Bulldogs In This Yoga Class?

Name:  Bulldog Yoga

Location: Villanova, PA

Instructor: Nikki – her energy was contagious! She was constantly demonstrating the poses, in between her awesome dancing – that girl has moves! 

Exercise Type: Yoga (Invigorate) – We would say this was more of a power yoga class, where we flowed at a faster pace.  By the end of class, our triceps were burning from all of the chaturangas, our abs were on fire from all of the planking, and our thighs were shaking from all of the lunging.  

The room was also heated – around 92 degrees – which was COOLER than it was outside that day. That heatwave was ridiculous! The music that played during class was definitely songs we could sing along to – Bonnie & Shyne, anyone?  

Let’s just say that this class is NO JOKE, and was the best workout we have had in a little while! If you are a yoga lover, you have to check out Nikki’s class. It will turn your world upside down. 

Place: Studio – one really cool and unique thing we noticed were little symbols on the floor with an “L” and “R.”  It took these mamas a little while to figure out that they were space holders for your mat. So cool! You don’t have to worry about that one yogi who takes up too much room in this class. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. LOL

Day of the Week: Saturday

Time: 9-10 AM

Price: $25 for 25 days of unlimited classes *NEW Clients*; packages available

What to Wear: Leggings/shorts; T-shirt/tank top; bare feet

What to Bring: Mat, water, and a towel – you will need a towel!! We were dripping with sweat. 

What is Provided: Blocks

Level of Experience: All levels seen

Gender Majority: Maybe 70/30 female to male

Age Group: A wide range. Being in our early 30’s, we were somewhere in the middle age-wise. 

Welcoming: Absolutely! The woman at the front desk checked us in, and told us where we could put our belongings, and where class was located.  Then when we entered class, Nikki immediately came over to us and introduced herself. 

Cleanliness: Yes! After class was over, the instructor immediately got a mop and started mopping the floor for the next class. 

Unique Features: As we mentioned briefly above, the music was amazing, which is unique for a yoga class! Most people think of slow and soothing music when practicing yoga, but this class had loud and upbeat music.  We LOVED that aspect of it because it was so different from what we were used to. 

Thank you so much for having us! We have only heard great things about Bulldog, and you have definitely surpassed our expectations. We can’t wait to come back and try another class. 

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