7 Exercise Tips For Beginners

Recently, we have been approached by a few people who have expressed an interest in getting back into exercising, but are scared to make the plunge.  We feel you, girl. We have all been there, and now we are here to say “We’ve got your back!” While there are countless tips on how to get back into your groove, we narrowed it down to our favorite 7 exercise tips for beginners. 

Find your workout style

You literally have your pick!  Do you enjoy running, walking, yoga, barre, crossfit, zumba, or boxing, to name a few? 

Get comfortable workout gear

There is nothing worse than working out and feeling uncomfortable. Maybe you don’t have the right shoes, your pants are too tight or too loose, your shirt keeps riding up, etc.

Grab a workout buddy

You have heard us say it time and time again… finding a buddy is motivating in itself. It is much harder to bail on your workout when you have someone holding you accountable. 

Ask questions

Whether you are taking a group fitness class, or hitting the gym solo, find a coach or trainer and ask questions. That is what they are there for – free advice is everywhere, you just need to ask the questions. 

Set a goal

What do you want out of your workout? To lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, get fit, be healthy, feel better?

Do it NOW

Don’t wait for “Monday” because “Monday” might never come. If you have an excuse today, you will likely find another excuse when the time comes. 

Rest and repeat

It is important for you and your body to rest after a tough workout. Listen to your body and take the rest it deserves, and then get up and do it again.

Share some of your exercise tips for beginners with us!

8 thoughts on “7 Exercise Tips For Beginners

  1. Finding a workout you are comfortable with is so important! and yes, start small and work your way up. So many people just want to jump right in but it doesn’t work that way. Our bodies can’t do that! Great post!

  2. Great tips! I just started doing yoga for the first time in a long time. The first thing I did was grab a comfortable mat and grippy gloves. You have to have the right gear and just do it!

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