A True Sanctuary – Our First Visit To Shanteel Yoga

Name: Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary

Location: Sellersville, PA

Instructor: Jennifer- She greeted us with a beautiful smile, and kept it that way. But don’t let that smile fool you! She asked us on a scale from 1-10 how we were feeling and we said 10, so she gave us spicy yoga. We were sweating!

Exercise Type: Yoga; Rockin’ Vinyasa- this class was fast paced, and had more upbeat music while practicing yoga.

Place: Studio – see more detail in “Welcoming” section below.

Day of the Week: Monday

Time: 7:00-8:15 PM

Price: First class is FREE; $15 drop-in

What to Wear: Leggings/shorts; T-shirt/tank top; bare feet

What to Bring: Mat, water, and a towel

What is Provided: Blocks (we also saw another yogi using a yoga stand for a headstand)

Level of Experience: All levels seen

Gender Majority: 70/30 female to male

Age Group: All

Welcoming: Yes! Before we even entered the studio, we felt welcomed. The facade was beautiful, as it felt like you were entering something special. The studio is in an older building and has character that made it feel like no other studio we visited. We were able to check in and head upstairs to the open yoga studio. It felt like the studio and decor helped us get in the right mindset for our practice. 

Cleanliness: Yes

Unique Features: Shanteel Yoga is a true sacred place that allows for physical practice and healthy minds. When we left, we left at peace. We worked hard and really paid attention to our breath. Jennifer constantly reminded us to listen to our breathing and notice why it was fast or slow. Making the mind-body connection is so important when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The mind and heart are just as important as the body. 

Thank you, Shanteel Yoga, for having us! We enjoyed our practice and felt wonderful when we left. These mamas could have taken a nap we were so relaxed at the end which was not the case at the beginning of class. Remember we wanted spicy! We can’t wait to come back!

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