Do You Enjoy HIIT Classes? Try RowFIT Strength at Moondog Yoga!

Our experience with RowFIT Strength.

Name: Moondog Yoga

Location: Quakertown, PA

Instructor: Becky – We loved how she gave everyone individual attention, and also motivated us along the way. 

Exercise Type: rowFIT strength

This was a HITT routine with a little bit of everything!  There were six stations total, and each one had three exercises.  Each exercise was completed for one minute with a 10 second rest in between each exercise.  

First, we warmed up with some stretching and light cardio.

We started off using TRX bands in station one doing curtsy lunges and pull ups. The next station we used kettlebells to work our arms and legs. Station three was the rower. We rowed twice and had an ab exercise in the middle. During the fourth station we worked on push-ups and planks with some cardio. The fifth station was leg curls and bridges with TRX bands. Those were no joke!

And last we hit the rowers again. 

We thought we were done, but Becky had a bonus round for us! We ended with a Tabata routine with lots of cardio with wall squats in between. It was a killer way to end the workout! We ended with stretching to bring our heart rate down. 

Place: Yoga studio

Day of the Week: Saturday 

Time: 8:30 am (45 minute class) – we love the shorter classes that still burn a ton of calories!

Price: $15/class for drop in (packages available) 

What to Wear: Tank top or what you’re comfortable working out in, leggings, sneakers, water bottle, small towel

What to Bring: Nothing additional 

What is Provided: Weights, kettlebells, rowers, mats, and all other equipment needed

Level of Experience: All – you go at your own pace

Gender Majority: Female 

Age Group: All

Welcoming: Yes! We not only were greeted by a smile and shown around, but the owner June came at the end of class to greet us too! She was very welcoming and even knew a little about us. 

Cleanliness: Yes! The studio is brand new! There are also cubbies for personal belongings. 

Unique Features: Rowers! Having the opportunity to row during a HITT workout was definitely an easy way to get a full body workout and an elevated heart rate to burn more calories. Need more cardio?! Take this class!

Thank you for having us! We can’t wait to join you again soon. Moondog Yoga has even more classes to offer, so look out for more posts, or better yet, come and join us! 

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