Vacationing in Avalon? Check Out Ship Shape’s Bootcamp!

Vacationing at the New Jersey shore is relaxing, but I can’t forget about my workouts!  I am not very good at working out in my home, so I teamed up with my friend, Leslie, and we went to this awesome bootcamp in Avalon. 

Name: Ship Shape Health & Fitness

Location: Avalon, NJ

Instructor: Jason – he was great! See more under “Unique Features.”

Place: 9th St. Recreation Field – on the basketball courts.

Exercise Type: Bootcamp – When we first walked into the court area, there were a ton of stations set up, and we were instructed to pick the station of our choice to start.  Each station could hold up to 6 people. After careful consideration, we decided to pick the station we hated most – burpees (bosu burpees)!

“Get it over with,” was our motto! 

There were 24 stations in total, and included exercises such as burpees (mentioned above), tricep dips, weighted ball slams, bicep curls, squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping rope, crunches, rope slams, etc. – each exercise was done for 45 seconds. Once the 45 seconds was up, Jason would blow his whistle, and we were on to the next station. 

Here’s the kicker…

We got 20 seconds in between stations, BUT we were instructed to do some sort of cardio (Examples: jumping jacks, lunges, high knees). This might sound like we didn’t get much of a break, but it made the entire hour fly by! Jason also gave us a few one minute breaks throughout the hour. 

Day of the Week: Saturday

Time: 9-10 AM – this time was PERFECT for me because it got me out of “beach packing” duty! That’s a win, if there ever was one! 

Price: $15 drop-in; packages available

What to Wear: Shorts/Leggings; T-shirt/Tank top; Sneakers

What to Bring: Water

What is Provided: All other equipment, and there was also complimentary water and BodyArmor available for participants

Level of Experience: All levels seen – you could go at your own pace

Gender Majority: 50/50 mix

Age Group: All ages

Welcoming: Yes! Jason spent a lot of time with us after class – he told us all about Ship Shape, and answered our questions. Jason was very receptive to our feedback too, which is something we always look for when visiting new places. 

Cleanliness: N/A – it was held outside. The grounds were beautiful if that counts!

Unique Features: Yes! Each station had a laminated sign that had the exercise name and picture demonstrating it (see picture below). This was extremely helpful in the instances we didn’t know the exercise just by the name. 

The other unique feature was that Jason was the only person running this bootcamp for over 100 people. It was incredible how he had such control over his clients. I swear, every time I turned around, he was there!  He stopped several times to help us get into proper form, and spent time with us when needed. He covered a lot of ground with all of his clients! 

Thank you so much for having us!  We had such a great workout, burned a ton of calories, and had so much fun doing it!  If you are down in the Avalon, NJ area, put Ship Shape Health & Fitness‘ bootcamp on your list to visit. You won’t be disappointed!

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