A Little “End Of Summer” Reflection

As you know, I had a goal to figure out what’s going on with my body. I’ve gained weight, and mentally blamed it the medicine I’ve been on. This summer I wanted to reflect, workout, take time for myself, and dig deep. Here’s how my summer reflection went…


I have two little ones. My daughter is four and my son is soon to be two. I also am a full-time working mom, as a special education teacher. Those two things basically suck the life out of me. I’m always giving, but it makes me so incredibly happy. Being a mommy and teacher were two things I was born to do. Balancing these two things are a goal this year- to be more present in each area of my life.


It happens. We had a heck of a year with sickness, especially for my son, and we’re praying September daycare germs go easy on us! Being flexible is key.

Working out

This needs to be consistent in my daily routine. I actually only really feel good when I work out. I look forward to the time to myself in which my brain only needs to focus on one thing…ME. If I can’t get to a workout, my new goal is to do it at home. Running for a mile or more is no longer impossible for me and I have tons of online resources to pull from so I can make this happen. There are no excuses. I even made a workout area in our house knowing that this can happen. I also realized that working out in the AM is my preference.


I weaned off one medication, and I tried not taking the next one.  Unfortunately, after about six days, I had another mild panic attack. And let me tell you, coming off an antidepressant is no joke! I had many symptoms that I did not expect to have, but knew about. I went back on the second medication. I have a follow up appointment with my physician. I have lost some of my “belly,” but have gained more muscle from working out, so my weight has stayed the same.


I’m not sticking to anything fancy. I’m living my life, but watching what I eat. I’ve always done this. My downfall… stress eating and portion control. I need to have more self-control. This is something that I plan to work on during the school year. I want to have plans of self-talk and making better choices. I know I can do it!

Hubby time

I’ve been prepping him for September, and reminding him that it’s coming. It’s always an adjustment. Football is here, so he’s happy no matter what! We plan to have a date night once a month to reconnect and remember why we fell in love in the first place.

This summer has been a quick one! I wish I had more time to be with my kiddos. It was much needed and I’m grateful for the memories we made. This week will be so hard to go back, but routine is always good. Did you have a summer reflection? What goals do you have for this school year?

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