We Love Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary’s Rockin’ Vinyasa Class – Let Us Tell You Why!

We had to go back and visit Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary and take Claudine’s (the owner) class! We are so happy we did! Claudine teaches the 7:00 PM Monday night Rockin’ Vinyasa class.  See our previous experience here, where Jennifer was subbing for Claudine.

We won’t go through the whole nitty-gritty of the class structure, since we already touched on it, but we wanted to show you some awesome pictures of our workout – courtesy of our friend Kristy Be sure to check her out!

Claudine started off class with some light meditating and focusing on our breaths. As we have become more comfortable with yoga, we realize how important your breathing is – it really helps us to connect our minds and bodies.

Stretching took place next. Claudine wanted to make sure our muscles were ready for what was to come!

OK… on to the workout! Bring it on!

We rock our chair poses thanks to all of our barre practice (love you, Rise!)

Warrior II is such a great, classic pose.

Claudine was very hands on, which is something we look to in the classes we take. We love being taught the proper form – after all, it is so important to not hurt ourselves.

Thank you SO much for having us back to Rockin’ Vinyasa, and allowing us to capture beautiful pictures of our experience. If you haven’t checked out Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary yet, do it! You will love it.

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