Summer Is Over. Now It Is Time To Deal With My Anxieties.

Summer is over.

I can’t even believe I am saying this, but summer is over and September is here. It was a great summer, but as usual, it flew by too quickly. I have always loved fall – beautiful changing leaves, pumpkins, fall clothes, Halloween, you name it! However, this is the first year I can actually say that I am not excited. In fact, I am so anxious. So anxious that it has been controlling me. Let me tell you why.

My daughter starts preschool this week, and I am a wreck.  Last year we attempted to start her in preschool, and we had the worst year of our lives.

The guilt I have over this is crippling. 

A year ago in September, my daughter caught hand, foot, and mouth disease from school which led her to have a febrile seizure. That was fun.  Next, she caught RSV from school, which was so bad that she also got pneumonia in both lungs. She was hospitalized for a few days. I have never ever witnessed someone so sick. The mental images I still have can make me cry in an instant.  In both of those situations, we were sure we were going to lose her. 

As I take her to preschool this week, I know I am going to be hyper-aware of GERMS. 

You better believe I will have my hand-sanitizer waiting for her. I know I sound crazy, but it is so much more than that. I am scared that my little baby is going to get so sick again this year. I am scared I won’t be able to handle it. I am scared I won’t be able to help her. There is nothing worse than staring at your little baby helpless and sick, and there is nothing you can do to ease her pain.  Isn’t that what mommies do?

I have been working with her all summer of the importance of hand-washing, and keeping those germy little things out of her mouth. She is almost 3 years old, and I am still saying, “Get your hands out of your mouth!”  Moms of older kids, when does that end?? The worst is when she responds, “You want some too?” as she tries to put her slimy hands in my mouth. No, thank you. I’m good. 

I am trying everything in my power to boost her immune system.

I load her up with daily vitamins, daily probiotics, and I slip in elderberry syrup into her water whenever I can. I never thought that I would be the type of person to research so many alternate ways to boost immune systems, until last year. I was desperate to find ways to help keep her healthy and safe. I know I can’t prevent everything, but I cannot go through what I went through last year.

I am a Young Living member, courtesy of my friend, Gina, and I am constantly bugging her for immune-boosting oils! She has been a godsend to me, full of knowledge and always willing to teach. Thank you so much, Gina!

Moms, what other ways do you boost your kid(s)’ immune systems?  How do you deal when they are sick? I need all the help I can get. 

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