HIIT And Cocktails? Bridge The Gap Workouts Does It Again!

HIIT and cocktails? Sign us up! Danielle Bridge from Bridge the Gap Workouts, held an AMAZING HIIT class at Boardroom Spirits in Lansdale a few weeks ago.  You all know how much we love Danielle’s classes, and when we heard there was a cocktail workshop following the class we couldn’t miss it! We have taken a bunch of Danielle’s classes, and all are amazing! Here are a few of our favorites (shopping and burn, bootcamp, HIIT and beer, and anywhere).

This 45 minute class started out with some warm-ups – lunges, stretching, etc., and quickly moved into a challenging HIIT series. During the workouts we did push-ups, planks, squats, crunches, and lunges to name a few.  We ended with a group exercise where we pretended to drink from a bottle of vodka (we have your attention now, right?!), do a burpee (ok, lost you), and then pass it to your neighbor. Once the group exercise was done, we stretched, and it was off to the cocktail workshop! 

We were SO excited to learn how to make (and drink) 3 cocktails!  When we entered Boardroom Spirits (the workout portion was outside on the property), we were directed to the back of the building, where there were tables set up for us. We got into groups of four, and started admiring all of the cool equipment and props set up for us (see picture below).  

OK, it was time to start.  There was a big marker board set up that had the name of the drink and all of the ingredients.  We received step by step instructions on how to make the drink… easy enough, right? We thought we did a pretty good job, but when we tasted how the drink actually was supposed to taste, ours did not measure up LOL.  This did not stop us from enjoying the ones we made though! 

We made two more drinks that night, all of which were delicious, and we got to pick the bottle of our choice to bring home! WOW.  We cannot speak highly enough of this experience. Not only did we get our asses kicked, thanks, Danielle, we learned something and had a few drinks! Mama’s night out! Wahoo! 

Make sure you follow Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC, to catch the next class! It is perfect for a moms’ night out, or even a date night with your hubby! HIIT and cocktails is the perfect combination.

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