Are You Ready To Ride? Check Out stRIDE Spin & Fitness!

Are You Ready To Ride?

Name: stRIDE Spin & Fitness Studio

Location: Phoenxville, PA

Instructor: Tori – Everything about her is amazing! She has undeniable energy, and was so motivating throughout class.

Exercise Type: Indoor cycle – We want to start by saying this is the best indoor cycle class we have taken so far! The energy, the crowd, the motivation, you name it… everything exceeded our expectations.  We came into class feeling tired, stressed, maybe a tad hungover, and we left feeling PUMPED! 

The room was set up like other places we have been to previously – it was dimly lit, had bikes on three of the four walls, and had a little stage on the front wall where the instructor(s) ride. As mentioned above, Tori was the instructor, but she also had another instructor, Jeannine, ride with her.  This was super cool! We have never been to a class where there are two instructors. Tori would hop off her bike every so often to pump us up, and Jeannine demonstrated for us. 

No Screens For The Win!

Similar to our SoulCycle experience, there were no screens, and the focus was riding to the beat of the music.  We will never ride with screens again! We like this so much better because 1) it takes the pressure out of it and 2) you can focus on the beat of the music and not your RPMs. 

Place: Studio – it was absolutely gorgeous. We walked into the reception area and store, which had floor to ceiling windows. 

Day of the Week: Saturday

Time: 8:00 – 8:45 AM

Price: First class is FREE; packages and memberships available

What to Wear: Leggings; T-shirt/Tank top; Sneakers/Cycle shoes

What to Bring: Water

What is Provided: Bikes, weights, towel

Level of Experience: Various

Gender Majority: Female, but there were a few males in the class

Age Group: Variety

Welcoming: OMG YES! Not only were the women at the front desk welcoming, Tori and Jeannine (see above) were also so friendly.  Jeannine spent time with all three of us getting our bikes set up and answering any questions we had. Tori spent a lot of time after cass telling us about her studio and classes. 

Cleanliness: 100%

Unique Features

Yes! Two instructors at once was a unique feature, and one that we have never experienced before.  It was really awesome how they fed off of each other, and literally picked up as the other left off. 

Thank you so much for having us! It was a killer workout, and we had so much fun doing it!  We can’t wait to come back and take another class with you! If you are in the Phoenixville area, do yourself a favor and check out one of stRIDE’s classes. 

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