Silence Is Golden

Silence is golden. I never understood the phrase as a child, teenager, or young adult. It seemed like a common phrase that was used a lot, or maybe I just talked too much. Maybe it was a prize at the end of the silent game. Now I like that game as a parent. Only if I could get my four year old to understand how to play. 

I think the first time I understood the phrase was when I first became a teacher. After all students were dismissed, there was total silence. The chaos of the day disappeared in minutes, and we were left to be able to think and plan again for the next day. Ah, yes.

The golden moment of the day.  Shhh! Silence is golden.

As a parent, silence can mean many things. “The baby is sleeping. Shhhhh!” or  “Check on the kids, I haven’t heard them in a while. They must be up to no good.” or “She’s not talking as much as she normally does, is she alright? She must be sick.” But the true golden moment is when the kids go to sleep, especially after a hectic day. My golly the silence is amazing!!! There is nothing like it. It’s truly golden. 

I’ve learned that I need these golden periods in my day. It’s time to unwind and let my thoughts settle. Maybe even remember something I had forgotten throughout the day or remember a special moment I had with a student or my own babies. Sometimes I think my brain is on overload, it’s constantly on. That’s why I try to meditate as much as I can. It helps clear my head and set the refresh button. I mentioned the app Headspace before. It’s evolved so much with different topics. I love it! This real silence that I can create is truly golden. Its peaceful and much needed! 

How do you find quiet time? What do you like to do during this time? Is it difficult or something you look forward to? I hope it’s a golden time for you too.

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