My name is Meghan. I was born, raised, and still live in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  I like to think I wear many “hats” – I am an accountant by day, a fitness lover by night, and a mother, wife and friend 24/7.  Sometimes, I even think I am a chef, but that is still up for debate – my husband can be the judge of that!

Exercise has always been a part of my life. I started playing sports around 5 years old, and continued throughout my adolescent life.  Soccer was my passion, and always kept me physically fit. Once I stopped playing, life set in, and so did the pounds! I knew I had to do something about it.  I joined a gym and started exploring different group classes. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I discovered how exercise was an essential part of my life. It helped me to become and stay a better person, both physically and emotionally.

I have always used exercise as my mental escape and my stress reliever. Realistically, I can only dedicate an hour at a time, but that time is my “me” time. It is the only time of the day I can be totally selfish, and believe me… I soak it in!  Once I had my daughter, I was constantly searching to find a good balance. How could I still do what I loved, and also be a great mom? How could I balance work, friends, and family life? My balance is still not perfect, but it is getting there one day at a time. 

Part of the reason I wanted to write this blog is to help and encourage working moms, like myself, to find their “perfect” workout for their hectic lives. For me, efficiency and effectiveness is of most importance – the right workout, the right amount of time, and the best results.

A few useless facts about me:

I love music, especially live music – Country music, old school rap, you name it! Also, anything with a saxophone steals my heart.

I am a complete wine-o.  I wish I could say I relish in “fine” wine, but it’s really only the first glass that matters, right?

I could eat pizza every day.

I have a serious coffee addiction.

I am obsessed with fashion, and have a stellar shoe collection.

Barre is one of my favorite workouts.

I love TV, but hate movies. I could binge Netflix shows any day of the week.

I have an irrational fear of getting eaten by a shark if I step into the ocean.

I need at least 9 hours of sleep a night to function.  

One of my favorite things to do is sing and dance with my daughter and husband.



Hi! My name is Melissa and I honestly find it very hard to talk about myself these days because it’s consumed with my little humans, work, and trying to stay fit sprinkled with a few cups of coffee. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my husband, toddler daughter, infant son, a dog (who was only supposed to be 45 pounds and is now 80) and two cats who love to wake us up at 4 am. Life is crazy busy right now and can be challenging, but those amazing sibling giggles and heart-melting parenting moments make it so worth it!

I’ve been a special education teacher for ten years. I absolutely love my job, co-workers and school. Teaching students with special needs is my passion and I’m very dedicated to my career. It’s a very emotionally draining job, especially when paperwork takes over teaching, but there’s never a day that I wake up and think that I don’t want to go to work. That’s something special that not a lot of people can say and I count my lucky stars every night!

On my “free time” I love to listen to music, read books, shop online and try Skinnytaste recipes. I love hanging out with my family and getting dinner and wine with my girlfriends.

Working out was something I didn’t always have to do. I was always active as I was involved with cheerleading my whole life. Walking the dog, “running”, doing workouts on YouTube and DVDs were ways I would exercise. Then after I had my daughter, I was shocked (and horrified) about the fact that my pregnancy weight was not melting off like I’d seen others do. I was breastfeeding (and hating it) and trying to care for my baby girl who just took over my life. Meghan recommended that I try a barre class with her and from there I was hooked (and so sore- why did I ever take my abs  for granted?!). I realized that I needed to workout not just for myself physically, but for my mental well being too. I looked forward to getting out of the house and trying my best to work through each workout (if you don’t shake during barre, you’re not doing it right!). I felt stronger, healthier and happier. Working out with Meghan became a weekly thing and made me accountable. If she was going to a class so was I. On my crappiest days, the classes I really didn’t want to go to, I ended up feeling the best afterwards! I was so glad I took time for myself and took care of my body… the body that does so much for everyone else in my life (I really have a hard time just sitting and watching TV). This past winter, I learned the hard way that caring for myself had to be a priority. Mommy time for me means working out my hardest so I can be the best version of myself. A happy and healthy mommy is the best mommy!

A few useless facts about me:

I love the fall, but live for the summers (my teacher peeps know what I’m talking about).

I’ve been involved in cheerleading for most of my whole life… and don’t tell me it’s not a sport.

I tried out for the Eagles cheerleading squad and made it past open calls. (Side note: It should totally be called a dance audition. I had no clue what a “ball and chain” was?!)

I love dancing and listening to all kinds of music. I love seeing that my daughter inherited my ability to hear the beat to the music. Currently she loves “Ring my Bell” thanks to the Walmart commercial.

I love animals and wish I lived in the forest with all of them like Snow White.

I LOVE the Bravo channel and most of the Real Housewives series. I live for Vanderpump Rules.

If I had the choice, I’d probably buy a mountain house on a lake rather than a beach house.