We Appreciate YOU!

Teacher Appreciation Day is today!

To all of the working mommy teachers out there, keep doing your thing!!!! You are an amazing person who gives and gives and gives. Your love is enormous and your impact on our children, our precious babies, is too. May this week be filled with love and appreciation for all that you do! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

And to my babies’ teachers….

You are an important part of my baby’s life. Not only do you teach my baby to learn the world around them but you also give them love to shape them into the little people I want them to be. You have amazing patience, energy, and love that makes me love you too! When my babies are excited to go to school or reach for your open arms, my heart melts. Thank you for all you do each and every day. We love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!

GFit Women – Huntingdon Valley

Name: GFit Women Huntingdon Valley

Location: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Instructor: Alli – She was an amazing coach throughout the entire class. She walked up and down the room motivating and cheering people on.  There were a few times we felt like giving up (or crying), and we heard her words of encouragement and kept going.

Exercise Type: Workout Of The Day – Holy moly was this the workout of the day; probably the workout of the month for us! Class started out with some individual stretching. Alli set us up with another trainer who was taking the class too, and she walked us through the stretching she does.  After our stretching, Alli walked us through the exercise routine. She set the clock for 36 minutes… can’t be that hard, right?! Only 36 minutes. HA. Stay tuned. We were told to get into pairs, and were so happy we could go at it together.

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Class Schedule – Week of May 5th

Want to join us in our journey for finding the perfect workout class?  Here is our upcoming schedule for the week. Please feel free to DM us if you’d like us to save you a spot, or be your buddy walking into class.

Sunday, May 5th: 8:15 – 9:15 AM

Orangetheory Fitness  

Located: North Wales, PA

Price: First class is FREE

Info and Sign-Up

Tuesday, May 7th: 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Rise Barre & Fitness

Located: Springhouse, PA

Price: First class is FREE

Info & Sign-Up

Friday Fitness Tip – Make Sure It’s Worth It

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Make Sure It’s Worth It.”  Working out can be such a great part of life as moms. After I workout I feel clearer, healthier, and happier. I know in my heart that working out helps me be a better person and a better mom. But even knowing all of those things, leaving my kid and my husband to go workout still gives me such mom guilt.

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Tupac & Biggie Couldn’t Do It, But We Did. East Coast And West Coast Collaboration Comin’ At Ya!

When you become a mom, you enter into this secret club with other women just like you.  They feel your pain, your happiness, your excitement, your anxieties, your self-doubt, and your need for motivation.  They understand when you say that you need to get your body back, because we have all been there. Lucky for us, we have each other, and we are constantly looking to expand our network of moms.  

We recently connected with Sarah, who is like our West Coast sister! She is also a mom of a toddler (she gets our struggles! LOL), and she has a passion for health and fitness.  We are so happy to do a collaboration with her, as we have learned so much from following her blog. Sarah is a personal trainer, and has some really great workouts available.

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Too Afraid To Shop And Workout? Let’s Change That!

We hear it too often… “Working out is a chore” or “I don’t enjoy working out” or “Working out is too hard”  and our favorite one of all “I don’t have time to work out”.  Well, we hate to break it to you, but YES it will feel like a chore, you won’t enjoy it, it will be too hard, and you won’t find the time for it, if you don’t do something you love (or at least like).  

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My “Mom Bod” {Guest Post}

My Mombod

I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on my newly acquired “mom bod”. I was two days postpartum. I was still exhausted from my 34 hours of labor and emergency c-section. I was overwhelmed with my newborn who (like all newborns) wouldn’t sleep. I was cooped up from being stuck in the hospital for three days. I felt dirty and gross because all I had wanted to do for the past two days was take a God forsaken shower. Finally, my nurse took out my catheter and IVs and gave me the okay.

If my legs weren’t still the size of tree trunks from being pumped full of fluids for days, and I hadn’t just endured major abdominal surgery, you can bet your ass I would’ve run to the shower. So instead, I took it easy. I walked into the sterile and cramped hospital bathroom and I laid out my fresh gauze, belly binder, and lovely oversized pad (mommies, you know what I’m talking about) I slowly and gingerly took off my hospital gown as to not hurt my incision.

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What Are Your Top 4 Workout Songs?

Our Top 3 Current Workout Songs – April 2019 (with 1 Throwback)

  • Wow (Post Malone) – My arm won’t stop moving the entire time this song is playing. I feel like Pauly D from Jersey Shore.
  • Sweet But Psycho (Ava Max) – Did my husband write this song? No…..he would never call me sweet.
  • High Hopes (Panic at the Disco) – Holy Moses this song gets me moving. As soon as that second chorus hits, I am in a groove.
  • Go Girl (Pitbull) – For back when we were 21 and could drop it low in the bars. And we were able to get back up. Those were the days.

What are some of your top workout songs?

Is The “Family Dinner” At Risk Of Fading? Read To Find Out How These 4 Slow-Cooker Meals Can Help

Most of us think… “Dinner…ugh. Do I really have time for that? Isn’t it just easier to get take out? Yes, but it is healthier? Is it cheaper?” The answer is most likely, no. Well, you are in luck because we have compiled some of our favorite slow-cooker recipes that are bound to be family favorites! We both have toddlers, and even they would eat most of them… if we tell them they are waffles. HA! A few times we got the dreaded, “Ummm… I don’t like that!”, but in the end it was still a win for us!

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Friday Fitness Tip – Take Advantage of Play Time

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Take Advantage Of Play Time.”  Now that it’s getting warmer outside, playtime has shifted from the playroom inside the house, to vast expansion of the backyard. Or even better, the park. We love taking our kids to the park on nice days to let them run around and get out all of their energy.  Seriously, stop running around my house. So how can we make their playtime into a workout? Why should they be the only ones to have fun? Next time you are at the park with your kids try the following exercises:

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