Bridge The Boutique – Bride The Gap Workouts, LLC

Just when we thought we have done a workout at every different type of place there was, Bridge the Gap Workouts held a class at a clothing boutique, Love Obsessed (Lansdale) - Bridge the Boutique! Shopping and then a killer workout… yes, please! Burning all of those calories made us realize only one thing was [...]

Friday Fitness Tip – Keep An Exercise Journal

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to keep a journal when it comes to exercise.  This could be something as simple as tracking: Number times you exercised in a weekNumber times you want to exerciseAverage time spent exercisingAverage time you want to spend exercisingGoalsGoals achieved People keep journals for a number of reasons. For us, [...]

Friday Fitness Tip – Find the Right Pre-Workout Snack

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to Find the Right Pre-Workout Snack.  This is something a lot of people struggle with, including us. You don’t want to eat too much, in fear of feeling too full. You don’t want to eat too little in fear of not getting enough nourishment resulting in feeling light-headed.  A [...]