Bootcamp – Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC

Name: Bridge the Gap Workouts, LLC

Location: Lansdale, PA

Instructor: Danielle

Exercise Type: Bootcamp – This was a full body workout, with stations were set throughout the weightroom. We completed 45 seconds of weights, followed by 45 seconds of resistance. We worked hard and burned our arms, legs, booty, and abs throughout class completing various exercises from bicep curls to squats. In between sets, we completed cardio to get our heart rate up. The last round through the stations was just resistance exercises to get more cardio. It was the perfect way to start the day and leave me feeling strong all day long with natural energy!

Place: Gym

Day of the Week: Thursday

Time: 5:30 am- Danielle kicked my butt in 45 minute minutes, so I was in and out of class by 6:15 am and ready to start my day!

Price: $10; Packages and memberships available

What to Wear: Leggings; T-shirt/Tank Top; Sneakers

What to Bring: Water; Towel

What is Provided: Weights; Variety of workout equipment (Beware – the booty band!)

Level of Experience: All levels seen

Gender Majority: Female

Age Group: All

Welcoming: Yes! Danielle always greets you with a warm and motivating welcome! She continues this throughout class so you can have your best workout!

Cleanliness: Yes

Unique Features: Although you know what to expect throughout the stations, Danielle always has some way to keep you guessing with cardio in between rounds or a challenge at the end. Let’s just say I was burning my way through the last set of resistance for a cardio set and it was exactly what we all needed to finish our workout strong!

Exercising in the morning has so many benefits that last all day. I had natural energy that I didn’t need from coffee and I was much happier that I got my workout in early so I could see my babies at night. It was not a strain on my family as the kids were still snoozing when I got home. And lastly, my headache that I was fighting all night was GONE! Yes, I came with a headache and left without one. I’ll take that when my stress level is high.

Thank you for another awesome, kickass workout, Danielle! You know that I’ll be back!

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Who’s Up For A Plank Challenge?

If there is one thing I can say I “hate”, its planks.  I seriously despise planks. Why are they so hard? Why do I feel like they never get easier? Having a baby killed my core; can I still use that excuse now that I have a 2.5 year old?!  I personally believe that planks are so challenging because they are so effective:

  • They engage all of your core muscle groups, in one little position.
  • You’ll burn more calories that your traditional sit-up or crunch.
  • You’ll improve your posture and balance.
  • They can improve your overall mood! What! Planks stretch out muscle groups that contribute to stress and tension.

I also convince myself that they are harder and harder each time… guess why? Because I am challenging myself every time, and I am increasing the amount of time I am holding my plank. I wish I started keeping a count of how long I could hold a plank when I first started, because I know the amount of time has at least doubled.

I want to share my plank routine with all of you. It is something that I have learned by going to various classes, and it has been very effective for me.  Whenever I can’t make it to a class, or am at the gym doing my own workout, I do this series. Typically, I do 10 reps for each set, take a rest, and then back at it.  I usually do this anywhere from 5 – 10 times, depending on how I am feeling. I like this series because it is easy to complete at home and you really don’t need any equipment (maybe a yoga mat if you choose).

Melissa and I would like to challenge you to a 7 day plank challenge starting today, or tomorrow, or next week, all that matters is you are doing it.  For 7 days in a row, try this plank series. Start off with doing it 5x and work your way up until 10. After 7 days, let us know how you are feeling. Has it been effective?  We’d love to hear from you! If any of you are brave enough to take a video, we challenge you to post it to social media, tag us, and use the #workitlikeamotherplankchallenge

Friday Fitness Tip: How Parking Farther Can Allow For That Extra Glass Of Wine

Exercising is tough. Errands are also tough. Circling a parking lot to find the closest spot possible is commonplace. Wait, what?! Why do we all do this? I have actually spent a lengthy amount of time waiting to find a parking spot that is 2 spaces closer. And I preach exercising to my child. This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Park Farther Away On Purpose.”

When pulling into work, park at the far end of the lot to maximize your steps into and out of the office. Maybe even get a little trot going when leaving work since it’s a Friday. Just imagine this… parking 10 spots further away can help you burn an extra 10 calories every time you walk from your car to your destination. Do that a couple of times a day and enjoy that extra glass of wine on the weekend.

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Is Your Husband Taking Advantage Of You? Here’s What You Should Do.

Doesn’t it seem like us women are picking up more and more of the slack lately? I was thinking this last Friday, when my husband went out after work. Now, normally, I don’t mind if he goes to happy hour once and a while. I mean, he does support me with my working out on a regular basis, and is more than happy to help out with our daughter when I need some time to myself. But this time was different. He was much later than he said he would be, and it felt like he was completely taking advantage of the situation. He knew I was home with our daughter, and it felt like he had no regard for being home on time.

I was furious when he finally got home, but instead of creating a scene in front of our daughter, I took a different approach. I went to the gym for a run. It was exhilarating. I had the best run I have had in years, which is a big deal because I am NOT a runner by any sense of the word. Typically I get on the treadmill and hope I don’t fall off. This time I was actually turning up the speed as I went. I channeled all of the anger I had into a positive output, and left feeling great. Well, still a little angry, but sweaty and accomplished.

I walked in the house from the gym to apologies and a cooked dinner. I mean it was frozen pizza heated in the oven, but it’s the thought that counts, right? There was also a glass of wine poured and waiting for me in my favorite spot on the couch. Not only did the new approach work with my husband (which I never would have guessed actually), but I accomplished a great workout in addition. Next time your husband pisses you off, instead of yelling at him, try working off some steam at the gym. Maybe his reaction when you get home will surprise you. It sure surprised me.

Thanks for reading!


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Easy Roasted Lemon-Garlic Shrimp (Skinnytaste)

Some crazy days lead into crazy dinner nights! Tonight was one of them. I got the kids all set, but what about me? Well… what about an easy and yummy meal just under 10 minutes from start to finish? This Easy Roasted Lemon-Garlic Shrimp recipe from Skinnytaste is a winner! I love the taste and simplicity of this go-to meal for mommy.



Easy Roasted Lemon-Garlic Shrimp (Skinnytaste)


1 1/2 lbs shelled and deveined jumbo shrimp (36) **I only did ½ pound for myself of large raw shrimp from the Seafood section at Wegmans**

    2 cloves garlic, minced

      1 tablespoon olive oil

        1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

          1 lemon, juice of

            1 tablespoon chopped parsley


              Preheat the oven to 400F. Spray 2 large nonstick baking trays with cooking spray.

              • Combine the shrimp, garlic, oil and crushed red pepper together in a bowl and stir to combine.

              Arrange the shrimp on a baking sheet in a single layer.

                Roast 6 to 8 minutes or until the shrimp turns opaque.

                  Squeeze lemon over the shrimp and garnish with parsley.

                    Friday Fitness Tip – Display Your Results

                    Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction.

                    This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Display Your Results.”  You might be thinking, “what are MY results?” Well, results can mean different things to different people. Maybe you want to track how many days/minutes you worked out in a week, how many inches/pounds you lost/gained in a week, how many times you meal prepped this week, etc.  Displaying results can be motivating in itself. If you are ahead in your results, go you! If you are behind in your results, it will hopefully motivate you to work a little harder to achieve your goals, and then you can Celebrate Your Small Wins!

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                    Vinyasa Flow – Twisters Wellness Centers

                    Name: Twisters Wellness Centers

                    Location: Ambler, PA

                    Instructor: Dan – he was great! He constantly walked around the room and helped with form, and also encouraged us to try some harder poses.

                    Exercise Type: Vinyasa Flow – All Levels – we really enjoyed this class! Class started out with some light stretching, and then we went into the vinyasa flows. There were a decent amount of planks, which keep these mamas’ cores tight! We also did a bunch of hip-opener exercises, and practiced our handstands towards the end of class. Handstands are SO HARD! Luckily, Dan showed us how to practice by using the wall in front of us, which helped a little. We were in awe of one woman who had the perfect handstand. #handstandgoals

                    Place: Studio – When we walked into the studio we were blown away by how gorgeous it was! Nice wood floors, and windows lining the one wall, which let in the perfect amount of light. There were also tiny lights (could have even been Christmas lights) around the upper perimeter of the room. It was very relaxing and serene.

                    Day of the Week: Wednesday – this was a great “hump day” workout because it incorporated a good amount of stretching and meditating at the end of class, which refueled out tired mommy bodies!

                    Time: 7:05 – 8:05 PM – make sure you give yourself extra time because parking was an issue for us. There is a public lot located next to the studio. It was also one of the first nice nights (weather-wise), so that could have attributed to our parking troubles. There were a lot of people out and about… we also should have taken advantage of the nice weather and grabbed a drink after class! There is a new brewery right below the studio, and we will definitely be checking that out next time! Tannery Run

                    Price: $50 for a 30-day unlimited trial for new clients; other packages and memberships available.

                    What to Wear: Leggings; t-shirt/tank top; bare feet

                    What to Bring: Mat & water

                    What is Provided: Blocks

                    Level of Experience: All levels

                    Gender Majority: Mix

                    Age Group: Various – we are in our early 30’s and we were probably in the middle somewhere

                    Welcoming: Yes! Dan introduced himself to us right away, asked if we had any injuries, any questions, etc.

                    Cleanliness: Yes.

                    Unique Features: As mentioned above, the handstands towards the end of class was a unique feature. This is not something we get to practice often, so it is really exciting when we get the opportunity!

                    Thank you so much for having us! We really enjoyed your class, and can’t wait to come back with our handstands perfected!

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                    Tabata – Nex Level Fitness (Chalfont)

                    “You gotta Tabata!” This was the saying we were welcomed with as we entered into Nex Level Fitness Chalfont bright and early on Saturday morning, and it totally stuck!  It was our second time taking Tabata at Nex Level Fitness (Thank you to Amy W. for introducing us!), but our first time taking it at the Chalfont Location (see previous past from Nex Level – Doylestown here).  Just like the first time, this class did not disappoint. Some of the exercises were similar, so we knew what to expect, but we can say with complete truth that the phrase “no pain no gain” definitely applies here.

                    We have come to the conclusion that if we took Tabata 1-2 times a week, every week, we would be in some serious, kick-ass shape. It is now 3 days after we took this class and we are STILL sore! Nex Level, it never ceases to amaze us how great a workout we get at your classes. Thank you again for another great class!

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                    Not A Luxury… A Necessity

                    Most parents will agree, your life and marriage changes dramatically once you have kids. This is something people mention, but don’t really go into detail about. In order to keep my marriage whole, I try to plan as many date nights as possible. And when I say “I try to plan” it’s because, let’s be honest, do men know how to plan anything? Love you, honey.

                    So why are date nights so important?

                    1. Communication.  For me, it is a time to reconnect with my husband and actually listen to what he is saying (even if I don’t want to… he knows by now that I am always right anyways). There are so many times we are having a conversation and get interrupted by our two year old. By the time she stops interrupting, we both forgot what we were even talking about in the first place.
                    2. Relaxation. I don’t have to tell you that having kids is hard. You constantly have to be on your A-game. Having a date night away from my daughter means I don’t have to worry as much as I normally do, when I am responsible for her. Let’s be honest, I still worry, but just not as much.  It gives me a chance to relax, and the wine doesn’t hurt either.
                    3. Rekindling the romance. Every time I go on a date with my husband, I remember why I fell in love with him in the first place. It is so easy to get caught up in the same old routine of life, so it is really nice to remember what brought us together.
                    4. Setting an example. By going on date nights, we are teaching our daughter that relationships are important. The more she sees us going on date nights and wanting to spend time together, the more she will carry that into her own relationships. Growing up, I remember my parents having date night every Saturday night. For me, it was awesome because me and my siblings were usually babysat by our grandparents, who let us stay up late and eat whatever we wanted! It was a win-win! My parents got alone time and we got to do whatever we wanted LOL. I also got to see my parents wanting to spend time with one another. Now that I am married and have a daughter, I try to prioritize alone time with my husband.

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                    Friday Fitness Tip – Focus On One Area Of Your Body

                    That’s right; I got duped into another write-up. But hey, I’m a good sport, right? This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is from a husband’s point of view. Working out is hard, and it can be extremely overwhelming. I know from a personal standpoint, my image of my body could use some work. My arms are too small, my midsection is too flabby, my back isn’t toned enough, and seriously do I even have a chest? I swear I have been doing push-ups a couple of times a week for like 6 months.

                    So instead of taking on all areas of the body, focus on one area of improvement and stick to it. For me, I have been focusing over the last 3 months on my core. Crunches, sit ups, and most importantly planks. It has helped my image on my stomach as well as my pain in my back. Also, don’t tell your wives, but strengthening your abdominal muscles can help in the bedroom with holding certain positions, and can help you increase your stamina to not wear out too early. Shhhhh.

                    Anyways, focus on an area of importance and stick to it.  

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