Skinny Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese (SkinnyTaste)

The Skinny Baked Macaroni and Cheese meal is so delicious that it even fooled our husbands because they didn’t know  it was “skinny”! It is so easy to make, and can be frozen for another meal! We love make-ahead and freezer friendly meals, mainly because it takes some of the stress out of our night by trying to come up with a family friendly meal. We highly recommend this meal for you and your family.

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Who Says Donuts Aren’t Healthy Kid Snacks? {Guest Post}

Sometimes it feels like one of the most difficult jobs of motherhood is actually feeding the little boogers. What was once their favorite food now absolutely disgusts them, they’re always hungry but nothing ever sounds good, and introducing healthy foods is sometimes a nightmare (like.. the fact that we’re feeding them a vegetable is the absolute meanest thing in the world, right?)

While I wish I could sit here and tell you that I always have the time (and patience!) to make elaborate meals for my own kiddo, I’d be lying. Between running a business, a household, and chauffeuring our son to multiple baseball games and practices and every other sort of activity in between, I just don’t have time for something super time intensive. BUT. I promise you that teaching our kids healthy habits and ensuring they are getting a balanced, nutritious diet on the regular is still possible.

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If My 2 Year Old Can Do a Burpee, So Can YOU! Burpees Are So Effective.

Burpee Challenge

Burpees are effective. There is no mistaking that. No excuses 🙂 Check her out on Youtube.

First things first, what is a burpee, and why are they effective?  In a nutshell, burpees are a fantastic, calorie-burning, strength-building, full body exercise.  They combine elements of cardio and strength training in just a few moves. One of the best things about burpees is that they burn a ton of calories, and continue to burn them throughout the day due to an increase in your metabolism. Who doesn’t want that?? Sitting on my couch after doing burpees, and I am still burning calories… #winning

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Is Disney World The BEST Walking Workout?

Yes, I am back at Disney 6 months after I went in December. I just can’t get enough. And to make it relevant… my steps game gets really amped up! Do you exercise while on vacation? Does walking a million steps count?

My mom is a Disney Nazi. She is literally obsessed with being on schedule and seeing everything possible.  As soon as the plane touches down in Orlando, my anxiety starts that we are going to miss the Magical Express, then our first FastPass, and we won’t be able to get it back. You can’t just get those back you know!

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Kitten Yoga – Water & Rock Studio

Name: Water And Rock Studio

Location: Quakertown, PA

Instructor: Dawn – she was so great! We loved her determination in trying to make sure we were in proper form, when the majority of us were focused on the kittens, rather than form! LOL.  You could tell she is so passionate with what she does, and we would definitely take another one of her classes.

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Friday Fitness Tip – Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Let me ask everyone a question, how long before I should be expecting to see some exercise results? And by results, I mean a flat stomach, firm biceps/triceps, and a booty you could crack an egg on. When I first began working out, I expected to have the body I desired after a week of commitment. I was so disappointed when I woke up the following Monday and had the same body as the previous week. What do you mean it’s not that simple? Why are my thighs still flabby? This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is “Don’t Expect Immediate Results.”

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Is BodyArmor the New Gatorade?

Sunday is grocery shopping day in our household. Normally, my husband makes the list and goes during our daughter’s nap, but for whatever reason last Sunday I took a turn. I was weaving my way in and out of the aisles when I came to the “drinks aisle”. I was picking out a Propel Water flavor for the family when a new brand caught my eye from the top shelf. The new brand was BodyArmor. I grabbed one and took a look to see what it was.

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GFit Women – Huntingdon Valley

Name: GFit Women Huntingdon Valley

Location: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Instructor: Alli – She was an amazing coach throughout the entire class. She walked up and down the room motivating and cheering people on.  There were a few times we felt like giving up (or crying), and we heard her words of encouragement and kept going.

Exercise Type: Workout Of The Day – Holy moly was this the workout of the day; probably the workout of the month for us! Class started out with some individual stretching. Alli set us up with another trainer who was taking the class too, and she walked us through the stretching she does.  After our stretching, Alli walked us through the exercise routine. She set the clock for 36 minutes… can’t be that hard, right?! Only 36 minutes. HA. Stay tuned. We were told to get into pairs, and were so happy we could go at it together.

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Friday Fitness Tip – Make Sure It’s Worth It

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Make Sure It’s Worth It.”  Working out can be such a great part of life as moms. After I workout I feel clearer, healthier, and happier. I know in my heart that working out helps me be a better person and a better mom. But even knowing all of those things, leaving my kid and my husband to go workout still gives me such mom guilt.

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Tupac & Biggie Couldn’t Do It, But We Did. East Coast And West Coast Collaboration Comin’ At Ya!

When you become a mom, you enter into this secret club with other women just like you.  They feel your pain, your happiness, your excitement, your anxieties, your self-doubt, and your need for motivation.  They understand when you say that you need to get your body back, because we have all been there. Lucky for us, we have each other, and we are constantly looking to expand our network of moms.  

We recently connected with Sarah, who is like our West Coast sister! She is also a mom of a toddler (she gets our struggles! LOL), and she has a passion for health and fitness.  We are so happy to do a collaboration with her, as we have learned so much from following her blog. Sarah is a personal trainer, and has some really great workouts available.

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