Vacationing in Avalon? Check Out Ship Shape’s Bootcamp!

Vacationing at the New Jersey shore is relaxing, but I can’t forget about my workouts!  I am not very good at working out in my home, so I teamed up with my friend, Leslie, and we went to this awesome bootcamp in Avalon. 

Name: Ship Shape Health & Fitness

Location: Avalon, NJ

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Listen To Your Body When Exercising. What Is It Saying?

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Listen To Your Body.” 

Whether you are an avid exerciser, or a beginner, it is always important to listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Stop what you are doing, and re-evaluate. If you are in a group fitness class, call over the instructor/coach and ask for help. If you are working out alone, stop and do some more research. Exercise-related injuries can be very serious. A simple pulled muscle can take you out of the game for weeks! 

It is also super important to stretch before and after exercising.  Let us tell you first hand that getting older does not make this easier. The older you get, the older your muscles get.  They need more TLC that when you were in your 20s. Sad but true. 

Forget Skinny. Skinny Is Old News. Try Being Fit. Fit Is In.

True Life: I used to be obsessed with being “skinny.”  All throughout my adolescent years, I focused on it, stressed over it, and I dreamt about it. I let those thoughts control my life, and I developed a lot of unhealthy habits because of it.  It was the monkey on my back that I couldn’t quite shake. Thankfully, when I found exercise, I had an epiphany.

I didn’t need to be skinny; I wanted to be fit.

It took me way into my 20’s, but I have finally figured it out. My goal today is to no longer be skinny, it is to be fit.

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My First Experience With Sriracha Sauce (Can You Believe It)! Skinny Taste’s Honey Sriracha Chicken and Broccoli

I tried sriracha sauce for the first time… Skinny Taste’s Honey Sriracha Chicken and Broccoli. It was Sunday morning, and my husband was preparing the food list  for the week. “What are we having for dinner this week?” Ugh, the dreaded question he asks me every week!  I hate having to pick out dinners. It’s stressful to find new recipes because, what if it isn’t good? What if it’s too difficult?  What happens if I screw it up (pizza delivery, anyone?).  

I love Skinnytaste recipes, so I started with her blog, and found this Honey Sriracha Chicken and Broccoli recipe and had to give it a try. I literally just said to my husband last week that I have never had sriracha! Not only was this meal SO easy, it was equally as delicious.  I even made extra for lunches this week. 

I hope you enjoy this meal as much as me and my family did!


click for recipe

Vacationing At The Jersey Shore? Try Stone Harbor’s Bootcamp Next Time!

My visit to Stone Harbor’s Bootcamp.

Name: 7 Mile Fitness

Location: Stone Harbor, NJ

Instructor: Various (See “Exercise Type”)

Exercise Type: Bootcamp – There were 40 stations set up all along the recreation center.  A few examples were: jumping jacks, squats, weighted ball throws, bicep curls, burpees, planks, and lunges.  When I first heard “40 stations” I figured there had to be repeats… I was amazed that they were all different! 

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Friday Fitness Tip – Be Positive

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to Be Positive when it comes to your exercise routine, and in all honesty… life.  So many of us are consumed by negative thoughts, including us. I’m not good enough. I can’t do this exercise. It’s too hard. I don’t have enough time. I’m too tired.  I’m not fit enough. Stop it. All of those thoughts are negative, and we can all relate at some point or another.

Anyways, what are some ways to get rid of your negative thoughts?

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Gettin’ Our Yoga Sculpt On!

Yoga Sculpt at Corepower Yoga – English Village is high up on my list of my favorite classes.  I just can’t stay away. See our previous posts here and here for a full description of the type of class. 

For the past few months, I have been going to Courtney’s 1:00 PM Sunday Yoga Sculpt class.  I was first attracted to this class because it is a great time for me and my family. My daughter usually naps around 2:00 PM, so I am not really missing too much time with her.  AND my husband has to put her down for a nap, and read her the 20,000 books she requests. Now, I come back every week because Courtney is amazing! The flow and speed of her class keeps me on my toes, and challenges me week after week. I am finally getting down the yoga lingo too! 

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A Smoothie A Day Keeps The Doctor Away… Try This Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie!

Starting on July 1st, Melissa and I decided to replace one meal a day with a smoothie.  It has been 10 days since I started, and my favorite smoothie so far is a chocolate banana protein (Vega® Protein & Greens – Chocolate) smoothie.  YUM! See my recipe below.

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Remember When We Didn’t Know What Tabata Was?

A little over a week ago, I went back to visit Nex Level Fitness – Doylestown to take Amy’s Saturday morning tabata class (See full review here).  I seriously forgot what I was missing! WOW! From the second I walked in, until the second I walked out, Amy’s energy was amazing. Talk about a great motivator! All throughout class, she encouraged people by name, and kept the class moving at such a fast pace. 

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Festive 4th of July Desserts

Happy 4th of July from us to you! The 4th of July to us means spending time with family and friends, reflecting on our amazing country – the land of the FREE, and eating delicious food! We compiled a list of festive 4th of July desserts that we came across, to help make your BBQs and family meals brighter! Enjoy!

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