Who’s Up For A Plank Challenge?

If there is one thing I can say I “hate”, its planks.  I seriously despise planks. Why are they so hard? Why do I feel like they never get easier? Having a baby killed my core; can I still use that excuse now that I have a 2.5 year old?!  I personally believe that planks are so challenging because they are so effective:

  • They engage all of your core muscle groups, in one little position.
  • You’ll burn more calories that your traditional sit-up or crunch.
  • You’ll improve your posture and balance.
  • They can improve your overall mood! What! Planks stretch out muscle groups that contribute to stress and tension.

I also convince myself that they are harder and harder each time… guess why? Because I am challenging myself every time, and I am increasing the amount of time I am holding my plank. I wish I started keeping a count of how long I could hold a plank when I first started, because I know the amount of time has at least doubled.

I want to share my plank routine with all of you. It is something that I have learned by going to various classes, and it has been very effective for me.  Whenever I can’t make it to a class, or am at the gym doing my own workout, I do this series. Typically, I do 10 reps for each set, take a rest, and then back at it.  I usually do this anywhere from 5 – 10 times, depending on how I am feeling. I like this series because it is easy to complete at home and you really don’t need any equipment (maybe a yoga mat if you choose).

Melissa and I would like to challenge you to a 7 day plank challenge starting today, or tomorrow, or next week, all that matters is you are doing it.  For 7 days in a row, try this plank series. Start off with doing it 5x and work your way up until 10. After 7 days, let us know how you are feeling. Has it been effective?  We’d love to hear from you! If any of you are brave enough to take a video, we challenge you to post it to social media, tag us, and use the #workitlikeamotherplankchallenge

Do You Have The Hots For The Jonas Brothers? Yup. So Does This Mom!

Why does this mama have the hots for the Jonas Brothers?! Seriously, aren’t they like 12 years old? HA! It sure seems like that to me, but God, that new song is in my head ALL. DAY. LONG.  Why is it so good? Even my two year old is singing, “Sucker for you, sucker, sucker, sucker.” It’s probably not the best word to teach her, but I can’t listen to Daniel Tiger songs any longer.  Even though the recreated Mr. Rogers tv show is my daughter’s (and mine and my husband’s) life lesson, I just can’t anymore. Thank you Scary Mommy for pointing that out to me.

Ok I’m rambling. Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers. Oh yeah. Is it getting hot in here? Why am I weak in the knees all of a sudden. Anyways, this week has sucked for me. I’m busy at work with client deadlines (‘tis the season to be an accountant), so I didn’t have time to go to another workout class. I wanted to keep up my workout routine, so I decided to just go for a run around my neighborhood. A run, you say? Yes! Twice in two weeks, and this time my husband didn’t even screw up. I put on my running shoes and played Sucker on repeat for the whole 2.5 miles I ran (more like slowly jogged, but it still counts!).

What are your favorite songs in your workout playlist? Next time I post about playlists, I promise I will share my complete one. It might or might not be made up of Tupac songs. Until next time…


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Friday Fitness Tip: How Parking Farther Can Allow For That Extra Glass Of Wine

Exercising is tough. Errands are also tough. Circling a parking lot to find the closest spot possible is commonplace. Wait, what?! Why do we all do this? I have actually spent a lengthy amount of time waiting to find a parking spot that is 2 spaces closer. And I preach exercising to my child. This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Park Farther Away On Purpose.”

When pulling into work, park at the far end of the lot to maximize your steps into and out of the office. Maybe even get a little trot going when leaving work since it’s a Friday. Just imagine this… parking 10 spots further away can help you burn an extra 10 calories every time you walk from your car to your destination. Do that a couple of times a day and enjoy that extra glass of wine on the weekend.

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Friday Fitness Tip – Display Your Results

Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction.

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Display Your Results.”  You might be thinking, “what are MY results?” Well, results can mean different things to different people. Maybe you want to track how many days/minutes you worked out in a week, how many inches/pounds you lost/gained in a week, how many times you meal prepped this week, etc.  Displaying results can be motivating in itself. If you are ahead in your results, go you! If you are behind in your results, it will hopefully motivate you to work a little harder to achieve your goals, and then you can Celebrate Your Small Wins!

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Am I Having An Identity Crisis?

I’ve known my whole life that I wanted to be a mommy and a teacher. Now that I’m here, is this what I really want? Tired, overworked, face full of wrinkles and under eye circles? What more would I want?

Thinking back to the good old days, I spent hours getting ready for a night out on the town. Maybe a nap? Shower. Blow out my hair. Do my makeup. Don’t want to meet up until 10 PM? Sure, that works for me! Or maybe we’ll skip tonight and day drink tomorrow. Mimosas at brunch? Count me in!

Ugh. I love when younger people without kids say they’re tired. Like they really know what that means. But that’s ok. They’ll find out the hard way, just like us. Bahahaha.

Well, I wonder what would have happened if [this] or [that] stayed the same and never changed? What if… I moved to Hawaii and took a job? What if… we continued to rent and not bought a house so quickly? What if… I didn’t want to be a teacher in the way I thought I needed to be? Do you ever question things or fantasize how things could be different? What if… we moved to a place that made us happy?

Now, I’m not one to think the grass is greener on the other side, but what if…

Yes, careers may change. Roles in life my change. Seasons will change. People will come and go, but family? It’s forever, and I’m glad to have two amazing littles call me “mommy”, lots of kids to call me “Mrs. Wallace”, and an awesome hubby to call me “Meem”.   

Then I bring myself to the present. My two beautiful babies. Oh my god, do I love them. My husband. The man that made me believe there were good fish left in the sea and we could do anything together. One day I will have mimosa at brunch again, and I will have a fun-filled night of dancing. And maybe even a slight hangover. I would love to live in a beautiful place that made me feel inspired and alive, but I wouldn’t feel like that without my family. So we’ll have to do with the extremes of each season here in good old PA. And that’s ok. I can continue to fantasize and wonder, because each time it brings me back to the present. And my golly, I’m one lucky lady.

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Friday Fitness Tip – Focus On One Area Of Your Body

That’s right; I got duped into another write-up. But hey, I’m a good sport, right? This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is from a husband’s point of view. Working out is hard, and it can be extremely overwhelming. I know from a personal standpoint, my image of my body could use some work. My arms are too small, my midsection is too flabby, my back isn’t toned enough, and seriously do I even have a chest? I swear I have been doing push-ups a couple of times a week for like 6 months.

So instead of taking on all areas of the body, focus on one area of improvement and stick to it. For me, I have been focusing over the last 3 months on my core. Crunches, sit ups, and most importantly planks. It has helped my image on my stomach as well as my pain in my back. Also, don’t tell your wives, but strengthening your abdominal muscles can help in the bedroom with holding certain positions, and can help you increase your stamina to not wear out too early. Shhhhh.

Anyways, focus on an area of importance and stick to it.  

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I’m Tired

The top picture is my Sunday afternoon, the bottom is my husband’s. Why can’t us mamas just let go and sleep like our husbands?

I’m tired.

This winter has been a blur. Lots of sicknesses, one after another, never at the same time. Figuring out who is going to take off work (yay for some snow days!), or which parent is going to beg their parents to take our sick kid. The weekends have been loaded with plans. How do three year olds have so many parties? Oh yeah, and work. Report cards, progress monitoring, paperwork, and conferences to name a few.

Did I ever mention that I am also a teacher? I’m tired.

Yes, I’m a full time working mother of two young toddlers. I am also a special education teacher. I love my job. It’s what I always wanted to do. It comes naturally to me. Sometimes when I get home though, I’m exhausted. I’ve made so many little decisions and talked all day that when I finally get to sit down in the car on the way home, I realize just how exhausted my mind is. I just want to sit on the couch and veg out. That doesn’t happen though. I come home to my darling babies, and it’s like I get that second wind. Hugs and kisses! Then it’s time to make dinner. Then upstairs we march to have bath time, then bed routines. I wish I could work part time. Would that make me feel like a better mom?

I’m tired. I never knew how my mom would fall asleep on the couch. Then I became a mom of two. I’ll try to stay up for a little to watch TV. Finally a little alone time for adult television! No Mickey Mouse. I cringe when it’s already on the TV as I turn it on. Then before I know it, I’m out like a light. Ah, now I know how she didn’t make it to bed. I’m tired.

I can’t wait for the warmer spring weather and sunshine. Here’s to getting the kids outside and enjoying the sunnier days ahead! But I’m still tired.

Thank you for reading!


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Aerie Play Real Me High Waisted 7/8 Legging

A girl can’t have too many pairs of black leggings, right? My sister recently got me these Aerie Play Real Me High Waisted 7/8 Legging for my birthday and they are amazing! I wore them to the gym the other day, and they definitely held up – high waisted which held everything in, and did not slip or fall while I was running. I have never tried Aerie leggings before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much they reminded me of my Lululemon leggings for a quarter of the cost!   True to size, wearing in a small.  Length is perfect for me because I am only 5’2, so they hit right at my ankles. They are currently on sale for less that $28! Hurry and grab a pair! Affiliate link below.  


Friday Fitness Tip – Buy New Workout Gear

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Buy New Workout Gear.”  This could be anything really – a new top, workout tights, sneakers, headband, water bottle, or a new yoga mat.  Having something new is exciting, and could motivate you to actually use it and workout more often than you normally would!  Have you ever felt great in what you are wearing? New workout gear could be the trick! It could even put a positive spin on your workout, and motivate you to get there quicker. “I can’t wait to go for a run wearing my new sneakers!” instead of thinking, “Ugh! I really shouldn’t have eaten that second piece of cake, I should go for a run later.”

Share some of your pictures in your new gear that motivates YOU!

We love our new pair of Lululemon tights (In Movement ⅞ Tight Everlux 25”), and feel great rocking them! These pants have everything going for them – high-waisted (they suck everything in), breathable & light fabric which dries quickly (we love to sweat!), and they don’t slip or fall down.  They are also a 25” inseam, which is perfect for this short mama! Purchased in black, size up one. Wearing in a size 4 for 5’2 and 120 lbs. Affiliate link below.
Lululemon In Movement 7/8 Tight  Everlux 25″

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5 Ways To Get Alone Time As A Mom

Alone time… is that even a thing when you are a mom? I always thought moms and parents were being extremely dramatic when they talk about how they couldn’t even pee without a child staring them in the face. Enter a toddler into my life. Let me tell you how much I love it when I am trying to pee in peace, and my toddler starts putting her princess stickers all over my face. Why doesn’t she care when my husband pees? Speaking of my husband, is it too much to ask for him to get his own room? Doesn’t he understand that after a day of having a child hang all over me, the last thing I want to do is snuggle? Like seriously, get your arm off of me.

If you are like me and need your alone time, you have to make sure you prioritize it, and be realistic with your expectations. For example, I know as a mom and a wife, I won’t get alone time every day. Strike that, I guess I am alone at some points during every day. Taking a shower? My drive to work? Why don’t people tell you these things BEFORE you get pregnant? Probably because they want you to feel their pain.

So why is alone time important, and how do we get it? It’s important because everyone needs a break. Everyone needs time to be alone with their thoughts, or to think nothing at all. Alone time helps us recharge our battery, and in the end, helps us be better parents and wives. The times when I haven’t had alone time for a while, are the times where I see myself snapping at my daughter. My fuse is too short. That’s when I know I need some space, and I work to fit it in. Tons of parents feel this way after having kids. We are parents, yes… but we also shouldn’t lose sight in ourselves.

The first thing I did, on my journey to find more “me time” was talking with my husband about it. I communicated to him my need for alone time, and we came up with some ways for me to achieve it.

What are some ideas of ways to get alone time?

  1. Exercise – You knew I had to throw this in here. Go to the gym, go to an exercise class, go to a private room in your house and do your own exercises. Exercise is my outlet. Even though I mainly workout with Melissa, once class starts, I am still alone with my thoughts and my practice.
  2. Get a manicure and/or pedicure – This is something I need to do more often, especially as I looked down at my nasty feet at yoga this morning. It’s been MONTHS since my last pedicure, my poor feet! Getting out to get a manicure and/or pedicure is something so simple, yet so relaxing.  Sorry, honey, I can’t take the two year old to the nail salon. Freedom.
  3. Make a coffee date with yourself – I must admit that I don’t do this as often as I should. Every time I go to get coffee, I am in and out. I always feel the need to rush back to my “motherly duties.”  Next time, I will go to Starbucks, get my coffee, and sit down to enjoy it while it is still hot.
  4. Read a book – I am not a good book-reader, but I am trying! I set aside time at the end of the night to go up to my room, and read before bed. Alone.
  5. Wake up earlier – I do not do this, BUT I hear this is a great time of day to be alone. I am a morning person, but life does not start before 6:00 AM for me, and 7:30 AM on the weekends. Thank god my kid loves sleep as much as I do!  

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