Tupac & Biggie Couldn’t Do It, But We Did. East Coast And West Coast Collaboration Comin’ At Ya!

When you become a mom, you enter into this secret club with other women just like you.  They feel your pain, your happiness, your excitement, your anxieties, your self-doubt, and your need for motivation.  They understand when you say that you need to get your body back, because we have all been there. Lucky for us, we have each other, and we are constantly looking to expand our network of moms.  

We recently connected with Sarah, who is like our West Coast sister! She is also a mom of a toddler (she gets our struggles! LOL), and she has a passion for health and fitness.  We are so happy to do a collaboration with her, as we have learned so much from following her blog. Sarah is a personal trainer, and has some really great workouts available.

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My “Mom Bod” {Guest Post}

My Mombod

I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on my newly acquired “mom bod”. I was two days postpartum. I was still exhausted from my 34 hours of labor and emergency c-section. I was overwhelmed with my newborn who (like all newborns) wouldn’t sleep. I was cooped up from being stuck in the hospital for three days. I felt dirty and gross because all I had wanted to do for the past two days was take a God forsaken shower. Finally, my nurse took out my catheter and IVs and gave me the okay.

If my legs weren’t still the size of tree trunks from being pumped full of fluids for days, and I hadn’t just endured major abdominal surgery, you can bet your ass I would’ve run to the shower. So instead, I took it easy. I walked into the sterile and cramped hospital bathroom and I laid out my fresh gauze, belly binder, and lovely oversized pad (mommies, you know what I’m talking about) I slowly and gingerly took off my hospital gown as to not hurt my incision.

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Friday Fitness Tip – Take Advantage of Play Time

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Take Advantage Of Play Time.”  Now that it’s getting warmer outside, playtime has shifted from the playroom inside the house, to vast expansion of the backyard. Or even better, the park. We love taking our kids to the park on nice days to let them run around and get out all of their energy.  Seriously, stop running around my house. So how can we make their playtime into a workout? Why should they be the only ones to have fun? Next time you are at the park with your kids try the following exercises:

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Who’s Up For A Plank Challenge?

If there is one thing I can say I “hate”, its planks.  I seriously despise planks. Why are they so hard? Why do I feel like they never get easier? Having a baby killed my core; can I still use that excuse now that I have a 2.5 year old?!  I personally believe that planks are so challenging because they are so effective:

  • They engage all of your core muscle groups, in one little position.
  • You’ll burn more calories that your traditional sit-up or crunch.
  • You’ll improve your posture and balance.
  • They can improve your overall mood! What! Planks stretch out muscle groups that contribute to stress and tension.
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Do You Have The Hots For The Jonas Brothers? Yup. So Does This Mom!

Why does this mama have the hots for the Jonas Brothers?! Seriously, aren’t they like 12 years old? HA! It sure seems like that to me, but God, that new song is in my head ALL. DAY. LONG.  Why is it so good? Even my two year old is singing, “Sucker for you, sucker, sucker, sucker.” It’s probably not the best word to teach her, but I can’t listen to Daniel Tiger songs any longer.  Even though the recreated Mr. Rogers tv show is my daughter’s (and mine and my husband’s) life lesson, I just can’t anymore. Thank you Scary Mommy for pointing that out to me.

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Friday Fitness Tip: How Parking Farther Can Allow For That Extra Glass Of Wine

Exercising is tough. Errands are also tough. Circling a parking lot to find the closest spot possible is commonplace. Wait, what?! Why do we all do this? I have actually spent a lengthy amount of time waiting to find a parking spot that is 2 spaces closer. And I preach exercising to my child. This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Park Farther Away On Purpose.”

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Friday Fitness Tip – Display Your Results

Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction.

This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is to “Display Your Results.”  You might be thinking, “what are MY results?” Well, results can mean different things to different people. Maybe you want to track how many days/minutes you worked out in a week, how many inches/pounds you lost/gained in a week, how many times you meal prepped this week, etc.  Displaying results can be motivating in itself. If you are ahead in your results, go you! If you are behind in your results, it will hopefully motivate you to work a little harder to achieve your goals, and then you can Celebrate Your Small Wins!

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Am I Having An Identity Crisis?

I’ve known my whole life that I wanted to be a mommy and a teacher. Now that I’m here, is this what I really want? Tired, overworked, face full of wrinkles and under eye circles? What more would I want?

Thinking back to the good old days, I spent hours getting ready for a night out on the town. Maybe a nap? Shower. Blow out my hair. Do my makeup. Don’t want to meet up until 10 PM? Sure, that works for me! Or maybe we’ll skip tonight and day drink tomorrow. Mimosas at brunch? Count me in!

Ugh. I love when younger people without kids say they’re tired. Like they really know what that means. But that’s ok. They’ll find out the hard way, just like us. Bahahaha.

Well, I wonder what would have happened if [this] or [that] stayed the same and never changed? What if… I moved to Hawaii and took a job? What if… we continued to rent and not bought a house so quickly? What if… I didn’t want to be a teacher in the way I thought I needed to be? Do you ever question things or fantasize how things could be different? What if… we moved to a place that made us happy?

Now, I’m not one to think the grass is greener on the other side, but what if…

Yes, careers may change. Roles in life my change. Seasons will change. People will come and go, but family? It’s forever, and I’m glad to have two amazing littles call me “mommy”, lots of kids to call me “Mrs. Wallace”, and an awesome hubby to call me “Meem”.   

Then I bring myself to the present. My two beautiful babies. Oh my god, do I love them. My husband. The man that made me believe there were good fish left in the sea and we could do anything together. One day I will have mimosa at brunch again, and I will have a fun-filled night of dancing. And maybe even a slight hangover. I would love to live in a beautiful place that made me feel inspired and alive, but I wouldn’t feel like that without my family. So we’ll have to do with the extremes of each season here in good old PA. And that’s ok. I can continue to fantasize and wonder, because each time it brings me back to the present. And my golly, I’m one lucky lady.

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Friday Fitness Tip – Focus On One Area Of Your Body

That’s right; I got duped into another write-up. But hey, I’m a good sport, right? This week’s Friday Fitness Tip is from a husband’s point of view. Working out is hard, and it can be extremely overwhelming. I know from a personal standpoint, my image of my body could use some work. My arms are too small, my midsection is too flabby, my back isn’t toned enough, and seriously do I even have a chest? I swear I have been doing push-ups a couple of times a week for like 6 months.

So instead of taking on all areas of the body, focus on one area of improvement and stick to it. For me, I have been focusing over the last 3 months on my core. Crunches, sit ups, and most importantly planks. It has helped my image on my stomach as well as my pain in my back. Also, don’t tell your wives, but strengthening your abdominal muscles can help in the bedroom with holding certain positions, and can help you increase your stamina to not wear out too early. Shhhhh.

Anyways, focus on an area of importance and stick to it.  

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I’m Tired

The top picture is my Sunday afternoon, the bottom is my husband’s. Why can’t us mamas just let go and sleep like our husbands?

I’m tired.

This winter has been a blur. Lots of sicknesses, one after another, never at the same time. Figuring out who is going to take off work (yay for some snow days!), or which parent is going to beg their parents to take our sick kid. The weekends have been loaded with plans. How do three year olds have so many parties? Oh yeah, and work. Report cards, progress monitoring, paperwork, and conferences to name a few.

Did I ever mention that I am also a teacher? I’m tired.

Yes, I’m a full time working mother of two young toddlers. I am also a special education teacher. I love my job. It’s what I always wanted to do. It comes naturally to me. Sometimes when I get home though, I’m exhausted. I’ve made so many little decisions and talked all day that when I finally get to sit down in the car on the way home, I realize just how exhausted my mind is. I just want to sit on the couch and veg out. That doesn’t happen though. I come home to my darling babies, and it’s like I get that second wind. Hugs and kisses! Then it’s time to make dinner. Then upstairs we march to have bath time, then bed routines. I wish I could work part time. Would that make me feel like a better mom?

I’m tired. I never knew how my mom would fall asleep on the couch. Then I became a mom of two. I’ll try to stay up for a little to watch TV. Finally a little alone time for adult television! No Mickey Mouse. I cringe when it’s already on the TV as I turn it on. Then before I know it, I’m out like a light. Ah, now I know how she didn’t make it to bed. I’m tired.

I can’t wait for the warmer spring weather and sunshine. Here’s to getting the kids outside and enjoying the sunnier days ahead! But I’m still tired.

Thank you for reading!


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