We Love Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary’s Rockin’ Vinyasa Class – Let Us Tell You Why!

We had to go back and visit Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary and take Claudine’s (the owner) class! We are so happy we did! Claudine teaches the 7:00 PM Monday night Rockin’ Vinyasa class.  See our previous experience here, where Jennifer was subbing for Claudine.

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Gettin’ Our Yoga Sculpt On!

Yoga Sculpt at Corepower Yoga – English Village is high up on my list of my favorite classes.  I just can’t stay away. See our previous posts here and here for a full description of the type of class. 

For the past few months, I have been going to Courtney’s 1:00 PM Sunday Yoga Sculpt class.  I was first attracted to this class because it is a great time for me and my family. My daughter usually naps around 2:00 PM, so I am not really missing too much time with her.  AND my husband has to put her down for a nap, and read her the 20,000 books she requests. Now, I come back every week because Courtney is amazing! The flow and speed of her class keeps me on my toes, and challenges me week after week. I am finally getting down the yoga lingo too! 

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Vinyasa Flow – Twisters Wellness Centers

Name: Twisters Wellness Centers

Location: Ambler, PA

Instructor: Dan – he was great! He constantly walked around the room and helped with form, and also encouraged us to try some harder poses.

Exercise Type: Vinyasa Flow – All Levels – we really enjoyed this class! Class started out with some light stretching, and then we went into the vinyasa flows. There were a decent amount of planks, which keep these mamas’ cores tight! We also did a bunch of hip-opener exercises, and practiced our handstands towards the end of class. Handstands are SO HARD! Luckily, Dan showed us how to practice by using the wall in front of us, which helped a little. We were in awe of one woman who had the perfect handstand. #handstandgoals

Place: Studio – When we walked into the studio we were blown away by how gorgeous it was! Nice wood floors, and windows lining the one wall, which let in the perfect amount of light. There were also tiny lights (could have even been Christmas lights) around the upper perimeter of the room. It was very relaxing and serene.

Day of the Week: Wednesday – this was a great “hump day” workout because it incorporated a good amount of stretching and meditating at the end of class, which refueled out tired mommy bodies!

Time: 7:05 – 8:05 PM – make sure you give yourself extra time because parking was an issue for us. There is a public lot located next to the studio. It was also one of the first nice nights (weather-wise), so that could have attributed to our parking troubles. There were a lot of people out and about… we also should have taken advantage of the nice weather and grabbed a drink after class! There is a new brewery right below the studio, and we will definitely be checking that out next time! Tannery Run

Price: $50 for a 30-day unlimited trial for new clients; other packages and memberships available.

What to Wear: Leggings; t-shirt/tank top; bare feet

What to Bring: Mat & water

What is Provided: Blocks

Level of Experience: All levels

Gender Majority: Mix

Age Group: Various – we are in our early 30’s and we were probably in the middle somewhere

Welcoming: Yes! Dan introduced himself to us right away, asked if we had any injuries, any questions, etc.

Cleanliness: Yes.

Unique Features: As mentioned above, the handstands towards the end of class was a unique feature. This is not something we get to practice often, so it is really exciting when we get the opportunity!

Thank you so much for having us! We really enjoyed your class, and can’t wait to come back with our handstands perfected!

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Urban Fit – Yoga Sculpt (Revisit)

A little over a week ago we went back to Urban Fit to take their Yoga Sculpt class again (see original post here) . That morning started out super rough for one of us (woke up too late, a tad hungover and could still taste the Cabernet from the night before, forgot their yoga mat and had to turn around to get it), but it turned around once class began.

At the start of class, Karen demonstrated the proper way to do a chaturanga (see YouTube clip here ).  She was very thorough in her demonstration because she didn’t want anyone to hurt themselves.  This is so important because not everyone is experienced, and not everyone would feel comfortable asking. Now, we were ready to give it a shot.  Ahhh, now we remember why we liked this class so much. We could feel the heat from the lamps above us, and it felt so good to sweat out all of our weekend toxins.  The sweating started, and it felt so good. The last time we took Karen’s class, we used free weights, but this time we used a band and our own body weight. We know from previous classes that the bands and no weights are sometimes so much harder!

Class ended just how we remembered. We were each given a frozen, lavender towel, and had a few minutes to reflect on our practice and to gear ourselves up for the rest of the day.  This mini facial, and break from reality was just what we needed. As working moms, we appreciate the little things in life. Having a few quiet minutes to ourselves is everything. No screaming kids, no clingy toddlers, just peace and quiet.

Thank you so much for having us! We would come back and take Karen’s class week after week, that’s how much we love it.  She is simply amazing in her practice, and you can see how passionate she is. If you haven’t checked out her class yet, add it to your calendar! We’ll come with you!

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