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Teriyaki & Pineapple Chicken Meatballs


  • Aidells chicken meatballs Costco or your local grocery store; usually packaged with meats, not frozen
  • Half a can of chunked pineapple and juice
  • One cup of brown rice
  • your favorite vegetable we use broccoli


  • In a frying pan, pour about a cup of pineapple juice and pineapple.
  • Add as many meatballs as desired, I do about 10.
  • Cook for about 10-12 minutes on medium-high heat. Be sure to turn the meatballs so all sides cook. (You may also follow the directions on the bag.) I wait until all the pineapple juice is absorbed. I also keep a lid on the pan.
  • In a separate pan, boil water and cook the brown rice.
  • Prepare your vegetable. We just steam the broccoli. Microwaveable bags for the win!
  • When all portions are ready, add brown rice then the meatballs and pineapple and the vegetable.
  • Enjoy!